I ended up in a parking lot while trying to sell a van - thinking it was a used car lot! One thing led to another and before long, two Chnese guys and two Mulsm guys had heard the Good News! One of the latter followed me back to the van. With an earnest look on his face, he declared "I want to have a clean heart!" Since that time, many within their relational network have heard the Good News as well. Last Thursday evening I went to a place called, "grand central", a huge open market with many 'pirated' items. What a blessing for me at one point to have the stage and permission to share the Story - from beginning to end - to the dozen or so men there at 1:30 am. What greater a blessing to hear one of those driving the conversation to declare "this is really different"? Why a blessing? While there were none ready to repent and believe, they UNDERSTOOD...and I am still "in the game" with an invitation to the celebration following the end of the fast. DO PRAY that some of the "amen-ing" in relation to the final prophet/revelation was masking question marks that might not be shared in the group. The night before last I received a text at 4:30am (saw it the next morning) from one guy asking if I was still awake??? He was one guy whom I wondered might be pondering at the heart-level.