An extremely exciting development of our work was the preparation and sending out of 3 teams of local brothers and sisters during the summer months to partner with other like-minded believers in other parts of the country, reaching other unreached people groups and cities. The short-term projects have deepened our local believers’ understanding to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” They’ve not only come back with a passion to share, their newfound passion has been infectious with others. A special thanks to those who not only PR’ed for those trips, but also who contributed so that our local friends could go.  The week of Thanksgiving we had gatherings on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, celebrating with over 200 people!! We had students, pro athletes, actors, race car drivers, pregnant mothers, doctors, and many more gathered to enjoy this special holiday. For quite a few, it was the first time they heard about a God who loves them and who wants to have a personal and intimate relationship with them, the God for whom we give the greatest thanks. Suffice to say, it was a wonderful weekend of celebrations!  Those are just a few glimpses of the great things that Pops has been doing in and among us! We celebrate that He is moving in the hearts and minds of athletes and students around this country!