I have never felt such opposition in my life as I do now. Recently, when I returned from a trip, one coach who I deemed a colleague asked me why I returned. After some small talk, he asked me why I don’t coach in America. I felt that I should give an honest answer and so I told him that as a Christian, I believe the Lord has led me here to not only coach, but to help in telling others about Christ. With that, he reacted with outright hatred and anger.  His comments portrayed the sentiment I often detect in the culture at large. He told me that we and our God are not needed here. He stated that I serve the Hebrew God and that he serves his god – the people of R. This friend, with whom I’ve had many excellent friendly conversations, exploded with a vile sentiment with which even I was taken back. This experience, as well as the countless others, has really helped to remind me that my citizenship is not of this world and that we are truly laboring in enemy territory.  The areas in which our frontline reps are working are the enemy's strongholds.  It is a war.  Please pray for them, their families, and those with whom they share Truth and Light.