The fall school semester has arrived, but temperatures are still in the upper 80s... classes have begun, and children (including our son) are in good spirits as they go back to school. People in our city are busy once again after the summer slowdown. We live surrounded by people who speak the name of God in almost every conversation: may God give you peace; may God make things easier for you; may God bless you; praise be to God, etc. These are some of the phrases that we hear every day. However, the image that folks here have of God is not a picture of who God really is. We cannot know Him apart from His Son. Our desire is to be light in the midst of these people.

God is giving us opportunities to go deeper into the community. I had a very favorable meeting with an official in the Ministry of Youth and Sport, and possibilities for sports projects are opening up. My wife has begun to help with a nutrition program for children at the hospital downtown.

We thank the Father for his faithfulness in the following:

That our son has begun and is enjoying his new preschool. For the meetings and contacts in the sports world. For the opportunity to go deeper in the community. For His protection and guidance. We lift up those with whom we will be in contact:

That He will guide us to persons of peace, who will accept the Good News. That we will be intentional in all that we do in order to make known the mystery of the Good News (Ephesians 6:19). That many will come to the true knowledge of God through His Son (John 17:3). Thanks for joining us in His work!