We recently hosted a team of local brothers and sisters from a city in the northwest of our country. Their goal was to follow up on the work of earlier teams and to start a new work amongst another Unreached Unengaged People Group* (UUPG) here. The team helped us locate two villages of a UUPG we are working with, and helped us share the good news with some of the people living there. We had dinner with a family, dressed up in their traditional costumes, and took lots of pictures. When we came back inside after the pictures, a teammate and I began sharing with the head of the family. He said he wanted to believe, so we led him in a prayer to trust Christ. After we finished praying, I noticed another guy from the team was sharing with 3 guys sitting around him. I then noticed 2 girls from the team sharing with the wives. Before long, the team leader began to address the whole group. He clearly and passionately delivered the simple message of the cross with everyone. He shared with them our need for a Savior and how to enter into a right relationship with the Father. The Spirit moved and He moved in power. After about an hour of discussion, the two couples, their two friends, and another man huddled in a circle with us, and the team leader led them in a prayer as they gave their lives to Christ! It was an awesome evening. *A UUPG is a type of Unreached People Group (UPG), meaning it is comprised of less than a 2 percent evangelical witness. In addition, a UUPG also has no evidence of a church-planting methodology being implemented. There are approximately 3,800 UUPGs across the globe with no access to the gospel.