"Last summer we had a boy join our basketball club [where my husband coaches] who literally "loved" the sport.  He, unlike most [boys in this country], had given up Football, aka Soccer, to play basketball and was so excited that our club was right around the corner from his house.  He faithfully has come to basketball every week for the entire year and continues to excel at the sport.  As he committed to our club, I got the opportunity to meet up with his mom over tea/coffee and chat on multiple occasions.  Our friendship has grown so much over the last year and when we started our "church" gathering she kept showing interest in coming.  She had grown up in a catholic environment, and after becoming a single mom of two she felt ostracized from the church.  She didn't really have much knowledge of what Jesus had done for her or His love for her.  In January, she and her two kids started coming to our gathering.  She has consistently been there every month.  In May, I gave her a copy of the Message Bible and a devotional book and she began spending time with God.  We have had many conversations over the last few months, and I knew she was at a place where "transition" was compeling her to a decision.  The day I had to tell her that we would be moving back to the States was one of the hardest things for me.  She wept, I wept, but we knew that this friendship was not temporary but for a life time. 

After I came to the States, I got a message that she had decided to give her heart and life to Jesus.  She was so excited!  She told me that she was so grateful for us leading her to this "new life" in Christ.  I have been speaking with her regularly since then and am so looking forward to getting back to her city to hopefully share in her baptism! Continue to pray for her as she parents her precious children and begins this new journey with the Lord."