"My role is to oversee and coordinate work in the Middle East. ISIS has directly affected my work by making the security situations in that region such that we cannot engage in these countries at present. We have a unit preparing to move into a portion of that area, but their arrival has been delayed significantly, largely due to the work of ISIS.

At this point, the region (for a variety of reasons, not just ISIS) seems to be getting worse and worse, making engagement in these countries difficult to project. The situation has caused strategists to rethink how we engage these peoples with the Good News. They are now considering training programs for leaders at sites that are in near culture countries that are currently more stable. Remote training, engagement through media and social media, as well as engagement in PG populated areas outside of their home countries seem to be the most viable strategies under the current circumstances.

Extremism is still the small minority of this faith. The great majority of people that follow Islam are not violent, but peaceful for the most part. In fact, the extremism of ISIS in particular is causing them to ask questions about their own faith, cracking the door open for an openness to the Good News. Please pray that what the enemy has certainly planned for evil, that the Father would accomplish His good and perfect will."