"Because of the growing threat caused by ISIS, I haven’t been able to return to my country and continue our work. We are currently not able to do any projects or run ongoing programs because of security issues; sports work is often low on the priority list when compared with keeping families safe, finding clean water, and other daily survival tasks. Our local partners must periodically change their routines and lifestyles because of security issues and threats. Many of our local partners, particularly young leaders we have been mentoring, have had to leave, migrating to other countries to find work and safety. 

When these kinds of threats are higher, fears grow, and not many people go out unless it's necessary. But when things are a bit more stable for periods of time, people quickly resume life as “normal” (or as normal as it can be). As far as work and business overall, things continue, and people and companies just learn to adapt, adjust, or change things quickly as needed.  In this country, it seems many are questioning their faith and beliefs, and most people we know are horrified and long for the violence to end. This facilitates great opportunities for the Truth to impact and change lives, and despite the distance, I have been able to continue these powerful conversations.

Pray for peace but maybe more than that, pray that God's people will rise up boldly to shine against such darkness -- that we will be seen as different, and that peace will be seen through those who follow Jesus."