"Over the next few months, small teams of workers will be serving in South East Asia with a prominent sports ministry. This ministry has been invited to provide teaching and mentoring on a variety of life issues, helping high level athletes improve as individuals and team players. These athletes are eager to perform well for their nation in upcoming regional competitions. The local culture is Buddhist, and there are very few national Believers. The hope is for the mentoring relationships developed during this project to provide opportunities for conversations about Life's Most Important Relationship.

Pray for the teams of workers to walk intimately with the Holy Spirit.

Pray for the translators who will be on location for the entire project.

Pray for health, wisdom, and guidance in developing relationships.

Pray for opportunities to connect with athletes during ‘down time.’  

We praise God for this extended and open opportunity to get to know these athletes! And we covet your prayers in the next few months, that many seeds would be sown, watered, and harvested for the Kingdom!

- E."