"I got a phone call one week from a guy I’ve known a long time—he couldn’t give me his name because it was likely one or both of our phones were being tapped—but I knew his voice because I’ve been in this city for a while. He said, “I need you to do me a favor: do you have 30 Books, real important Books you could bring to someone in a parking lot? In a certain area?” He gave vague descriptions but I knew exactly where he was talking about.

So at the arranged time I showed up in a parking lot with these 30 Books, creatively packed, and realized the guy hadn’t told me who I was supposed to me—and I was thinking, “I don’t know how good of an idea this is!” But I trusted him and waited to see what would happen. To my left two guys walked up, and I didn’t immediately recognize them—but as they got closer I realized I did recognize one guy who had gotten a haircut recently. We greeted each other and then went to a coffee shop to visit.

The guys started telling me things they are involved in, including follow-up to internet chat rooms about Christianity, which is something going crazy in our country right now. They don’t have enough people to do follow up with all the Arabs who are interested in the Gospel; a lot of them are real seekers, and there is a system to go through before they are given a Bible. I didn’t know the Arabic word for hero, so I tried to describe it to these two men because they are heroes to me—and they asked, “Why do you say that? I told them that because of what they’re doing there is a good chance they will be persecuted. I told them they were my heroes and we were able to have a little prayer time together.

We walked to my car and I asked where they would like me to drive them, but they said “No, it would be too dangerous for you, just give us the Books.” And I tried to change their minds but they were very insistent—“ just give us the Books and we’ll go on our way.” So I gave them 30 Books in a heavy bag; one took one handle and one took the other handle, and they wove their way in and out of people as they walked down the street in this neighborhood. Thirty full Bibles would now be used to do follow-up. That’s a beautiful picture right there.

If I were not a sports rep, I wouldn’t be in this country to join what God is doing here! I believe God would have used somebody else to deliver those Bibles in this situation, but I was blessed to be able to do it. And for me, the long-term work is not going to be done by us—it is these nationals who are equipped to carry on the work when we’re long gone. Pray for us as we disciple the many Arabs who will carry the Good News to their people!"