"Have you ever had one of those days when God just smiles on you? Well, I had a day recently that was going to be a total bummer. I had plans to get my computer fixed (couldn’t access the internet). So found a place to go and headed on my way. I barely left the parking lot when I had a flat tire.

No problem, I have changed many flat tires. Well, long story short, I broke the wrench and then the tire jack. Three hours later I finally drove away. Just saying, Jeff Gordon won't be knocking on my door to join his pit crew! Because of the tire debacle, I didn't get to the computer shop.

After having dinner out with my wife, I walked over to the place where I was having my business cards printed. I spoke with the manager for a bit and he asked me what I did, so we talked sports for a bit. He told me the owner used to be the Director General for this country’s Olympic committee.

I said "Really? I would like to meet him. Would that be possible?" He said that he usually comes in every evening.  He should be here in about 20 minutes. So I waited with the manager, had a cup of tea and made small chat.

Then I was able to meet this man who, as he explained, left the Olympic committee to put more energy into his business pursuits. I told him about our company and our desire to identify potential ways we can work with the various associations and make connections with many partners in sport. He said, "I still have a strong voice in the Olympic committee and I can help make appointments for you to meet different people.

I told him that I've tried to make a meeting with the Secretary General of the basketball federation. He said, “Let me call him.” So he arranged for me to meet this man the next day! 

As I walked home, I reflected on my day and what the devil wanted to discourage me with, God wanted to turn around and bless instead. Isn't that just like Him! I am so thankful for this opportunity, and praying that it will potentially open more new doors of opportunity."