"February is probably one of the hardest months to live in my part of the world. You are right in the middle of winter so you have already lasted 2 months or so, but have at least another 2 months left, so the end isn’t in sight yet. But I am thankful for good friends, a warm apartment, and plenty to keep busy with and praise the Father for. 

            February provided for a couple of good opportunities. The first was to play in a tournament in my city. We had five teams come in and play while we divided our team into two for a seven-team tournament. This was a great time. I got to connect with some guys from another team that I ran a camp with in October so it was a great reunion with these students. My team finished second, to our other city team. It was just a great time connecting with some friends and getting some basketball in while it is freezing outside. 

            We have had many friends in and out of our home. A few guys recently came over and watched the NBA All Star game with us. This was a good time getting to know them better. We often have game nights and friends over for dinner so there isn’t a night off usually. One of our other friends came over a different time and we had some great conversation. He was asking a lot of great questions and we got to share the Good News with him multiple times, so we are praising the Father for this. Continue to lift him up as he is one of our closest friends and most eager to learn more. 

            The university is still moving along. My language continues to grow. My teacher is such a blessing and her eager spirit always makes class interesting. They are always trying to take advantage of the Americans who study there, so we get many photo opportunities and chances to be shown off. Makes for interesting days. 

            Things to remember:

            1. That we can continue to push through winter. Summers are great here. Winters can be tough. Too much time sitting inside but too cold to leave. 

            2. The friends we have began sharing more with. Ask for openness for them, boldness for us, and the Spirit to be moving. 

            3. Patience. I want to be able to speak the language now, share completely now, and see fruit now, but this isn’t the case in life. Patience is a tough thing to learn."