"We want to give you a quick update on how God has answered your prayers in the last couple of weeks:

Signed a year contract with our club

After a long meeting with the director of our club, I had witnessed God changing the director's heart and increasing his understanding and partnership into what L and I are praying to see God do here. He agreed to let us use his brand new facility, free of charge, for our basketball training program.  (This is a dramatic change from a month before when he wanted upwards of $800/mo!!!)

Extended residency

Along with our one-year club contract, we were given six months residency, to be renewed for six more months in May 2014.

Discipleship opportunities are abundant

The young boys and girls that have stuck it out for the first full month of our youth training are having a blast, and they are starting to open up to us more, as they see our work and love for them.  Also by God's grace, I have started a weekly study in the Word with two of my national assistant coaches.  Pray for true 'renewal' and more understanding in these studies, and that they would learn to teach and study/pray with others as well."