Suffice it to say, our summer was jam-packed. It has been a very full, very rich, very challenging few months, and our time here has been characterized by perseverance, initiative, and hard work. We hosted 4 U.S. sports teams who played 11 different national teams. We worked with 3 short-term teams from the U.S. focused on EV and relationship building, and led 7 short-term EV trips to 12 different places. We mentored two 2-month volunteers, and completed a church basketball league. We were involved in the London Olympics, with over 80 athletes, coaches, and officials attending the Olympic Games. We have led 6 sporting events in our areas of focus, reaching out to the community, to orphans, and to some unreached people groups we are targeting. In addition to all these things, we have continued in the normal, daily rigors of evangelism, discipleship, and life-on-life with literally hundreds of folks here. On one of the short-term trips to the southwest of this country, we met up with a professional tennis player we had shared with over 2 years ago. Since that time, the Father moved in his heart, and he recently accepted JC as Lord and Savior – all unbeknownst to us!! He was so excited to share this news with us, and we had the privilege of baptizing him. It reminded me that the Father is always working even when we are not aware of it.

Our short-term trip to a very popular martial artists' Temple was outstanding, both reaching out to orphans and to young martial artists. A highlight of that trip was a meal we shared with several of the older kungfu guys (15-18 year olds). We shared with them not only about our hope in JC, but also about purity in relationships – something they had never heard of in the environment in which they live.

Though the summer was busy and crazy, God’s faithfulness, grace, and love remained steadfast. We covet your prayers as we follow His lead, one step at a time.