Unbelievable that we are approaching 2012’s half-year point!!! This year has been chock full of blessing, of challenge, of activity, of pressing back the darkness, and we your sports team, remain privileged to be in the midst of it all! Yes, sometimes in the midst of attack and weariness there is an occasional thought of lazing on a sun-drenched beach, turquoise waters rippling nearby; sipping an ice-cold Coca Cola under the breezy palm trees… But seriously, the lost are always before us, and the athletes of this great nation need to have an opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ! We want to see Jesus Christ lifted high, not only in the lives of the athletes, but with the population at large through the avenue of sport. Here are a few quick updates:

- The beginnings of a new gathering place of believers has sprouted in a nearby province at the provincial training center there! We are extremely excited about this, as much time and prayer has been invested in this location for several years now. The group has met several times already, and we hope to see their influence grow at that training center and the adjoining sports university campus.

- In addition to a couple short term M trips we’ve already taken this year with local believers, we are gearing up for a few more in the ensuing months to different parts of our country! “Go and make disciples…” is a flame that we are fanning here, and it is an incredible blessing to see brothers and sisters here sharing that passion.

- 5 new discipleship groups have begun in our midst (one of the groups is specifically for sisters), with the desire to go deeper in our understanding and passion for Christ, and with an emphasis on “walking in a manner worthy of the Lord.” Participants in these groups are being challenged to live out their God-gifted lives in practical and visible ways, and all seem to have the emphasis of GOING and SHARING the Good News of JC!

- We have seen the birth of several new believers, and rejoice as more and more people hear the Good News and give their lives over to JC. We continue to be awed and humbled that Pops continues to allow us the privilege of walking alongside Him in what He is doing here.