From a rep in SE Asia: "I am 0 for 3 so far in trying to connect "K" with someone who can mentor/disciple him nearby. This last attempt failed because I hadn’t factored in that this expat worker’s language might not be up to speed. He happens to teach in a setting where he just uses English. PRAY that God will give me wisdom and my next effort will bear fruit. In the meantime, I am going to try to do a bit more over the phone, etc. He DOES profess faith in Jesus…but I still think time will tell."

Please join us in praying for our rep and his continued "plowing" of the hard soil in SE Asia. Although our God is sovereign, the enemy has strongholds in many areas of the world and, consequently, thousands are blinded by his lies. This current reality requires perseverance, faith, and commitment; believing the Lord of the Harvest will bring it in His divine timing.