Last month, we were given the opportunity to go to an island of a Southeast Asian Nation that is unreached and hostile to the gospel of Jesus Christ. For the past few decades, the local government of this island prevented foreigners from even traveling there; however, due to a change in government, these restrictions have recently eased. That being said, five "intentional" families were recently deported from the country because of their affiliations with "M" organizations and/or motives. Praise God for the avenue of Sports that allows us access to these areas of the World! At the invitation of a high-ranking official, we took a team to conduct a sports camp for at-risk youth on the island. Our goal in doing this was that by conducting an excellent camp, respecting their culture, and expressing our interest in their country, the island officials would not only invite us back, but allow one of our sports workers to live on their island. Praise the Lord, this invitation HAS BEEN GIVEN - both for more short-term teams as well as long-term workers! Please join us in asking the Lord to raise up long-term workers to live on this island for the sake of His Gospel.