"Tonight O. confessed with passion that Jesus is God's Son, Jesus is L0rd, Jesus is G0d, Jesus is his Savior. And then minutes later, he was sharing the same thing, with the same passion, with his friend A. We had an amazing evening of opening God's Word and A. heard a whole lot more truth, this time from the mouths of his local brothers.  

Heaven rejoices. God is good.  So many times tonight O. would exclaim that God or the Holy Spirit just opened his eyes to something and he finally understood.  

p.s. God's been doing a lot these last few weeks and Satan's been working overtime to knock me out of action. I've been sick for almost 4 weeks now. But, EVERY TIME, when I need it, He lights the fire and gives me just enough strength for the encounter."

Hallelujah, what a Savior!