Greetings dear friends! We have a major request to bring before you...We have been in the visa process for a while now. Every year we have to reapply for our residents visa, pay money, go to interviews and such just to live here legally. A and H received their visas 3 weeks ago but we are still waiting for M. Please ask the Father to provide M's visa so that we can continue live and serve here!! 

We are excited to tell you that A was able to pass her language evaluation in February!! While this may not seem like a big deal to you, it is a huge praise for us. Our life has been language for the last 2 years and now we can spend more time out using it in our community! We are so thankful! 

We just spent two weeks with A's parents and enjoyed that sweet and special time! So thankful that the Father allowed them to come and visit! 

Two other major things on our minds and hearts that we want to share with you: 1. Lift us up as we desire to serve the refugees in our city. Many of them are from our people group and need to hear truth and they need basic things such as food and clothing. 2. Lift us up as we strive to trust the Father in a turbulent climate. The news, for Central Asia, is at times troubling and while we are not in immediate danger--we want to fully trust Him and not live in fear!