Well, I was just looking back at our newsletter from just a few months ago and was thinking about how good our Father is to us! In June we were looking for an apartment and now we are feeling more settled in the place that He provided! Praises! 

Another big praise is that last week we met up with a local couple to hang out and chat….and realized this was the very first time that we had been able to spend time with a married couple around our age since we moved to this country! Before, we mainly met with singles separately so it was special to spend that time together and we ask the Father to grow that relationship!!

Three main things on our minds: 1. One of the most important religious holidays is coming up, Sept. 23-27, and it is the "sacrifice holiday."  We hope that we have opportunities to share about the One who sacrificed all for us so that we can be at peace with the Father. We already have one invitation to dinner during the holiday so lift us up in that time! 2. Lift up our company. There are many changes coming due to lack of funds. It is very sad to know that 1/6 of people working now will no longer be supported by the company next year. 3. Language- Lift up M as he finishes classes this week and continues to work hard. Lift up A as she desires to find a local tutor to help with language. 

M and A, Central Asia