"Six years ago, 3 young leaders from a small village attended a training that led them to start the 1st sports training camp in their village.  As the team grew, the next year they went to another village in addition to their village. 3 years after the training, they are doing similar camps in 6 villages. Last year, leaders reached out to 15 villages in their state, 2 villages in the state are in the furthest corner of the country, and they commissioned a leader to one of the most unengaged countries in the region. It is hard to believe that this year, they are on the way to impact 25 locations in their state, in 2 countries of the former USSR block, and in the area of a Middle Eastern country where there are 30,000 Russian speakers. If you saw them on the street, you would never choose them as the best disciple-makers, but THEY ARE!  Praise God that He chooses people as He wills. 

In June, a team from a major city will travel to 30 locations in the darkest spiritual places in our country. There are not yet disciples in any of these places. Sports teams will be going by 2 to every place where they will live in the homes of local people, stay with them, and share the Good News using the platform of sports.

Please pray for them as by faith they decided to GO to places where nobody wants to go."