“I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.” - Martin Luther

FROM THE DESK OF: the Director of Development

Working in Development has its perks. I have the unique opportunity of building relationships with people who have a heart for missions and want to give of themselves to achieve our vision of bringing God's Word to the uttermost parts of the world. This is an incredible honor for me, and while I love to share stories about the impact of our work, I love to share stories about our supporters even more. In anticipation of writing today's blog post, I asked a recent donor if I could highlight her family. Her response flabbergasted me... 

She said no. 

She did give me permission to share the following message, something her father always told her: "You're blessed more when you give anonymously." Her church growing up never went into debt, but they also never took a single offering. They simply hung boxes on the wall. Isn't that incredible? If all I had to do was hang a box in front of the Uttermost Sports office, then my job would be easy peasy, friends!

But back to the point, because she made a good one. Outside of Uttermost Sports, it is typical for a donor to want something in return for their gift. And really, who wouldn't want their logo on a large banner or a building in their name? It's human nature to want recognition. Something I am learning very quickly about Uttermost donors is that they are not "normal." Our biggest supporters wish to remain anonymous. Not only that, but I've found that our supporters gain more personal satisfaction from the knowledge that their gift is being used to transform hearts and minds for Christ in the dimmest places on earth. That's fine, don't get me wrong. It's just hard when all I want to do is share your story with everyone I meet. 

So cheers to you Uttermost Sports supporters who don't want me to name them by name! You're just reserving that right for Jesus when you meet Him at the Pearly Gates. I see how it is.

For the Win[dow],
Cassie West, DOD

VERSE OF THE WEEK: John 4:35-38

“I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for the harvest. Even now the reaper draws his wages, even now he harvests the crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may be glad together. Thus the saying ‘One sows and another reaps’ is true. I sent you to reap whet you have no worked for. Others have done the hard work and you have reaped the benefits of their labor.”

Muttrah Corniche, Muscat, Oman. (photo credit: canon_shooter92)

Muttrah Corniche, Muscat, Oman. (photo credit: canon_shooter92)


The Sultanate of Oman lies on the southeast corner of the Arabian peninsula, bordering Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the Arabian Sea. The capital city of Muscat is home to half the population, with the other half scattered in the country's deserts and coastlines. According to World Watch List, "Although apostasy is not a criminal offense [in Oman], Christian converts from a Muslim background face legal restrictions, and can lose their family, house or job or even be killed." Though relatively open and stable, compared to its neighbors, Oman is nearly 90% Muslim and has several million unreached, unengaged individuals. Pray for Omanis to hear the  Gospel and be changed, and for the Good News to spread from Oman into neighboring closed countries.

Oman Prayercast Video


  • we continue to manage many mobilization requests and seek to match the right people with the right opportunities
  • our local event is on Saturday!
  • our office could use some additional personnel in a few specific, key positions; pray for God to connect us with the right individuals