St. Patrick’s Day is Friday. Traditionally, the life and ministry of this hero of the faith is honored every year by turning rivers green, getting hammered on beer served in shamrock glasses and watching copious amounts of college basketball… just like the church fathers envisioned. For many of us from the protestant wing of Christianity, this might be our only point of reference for this giant of church history.

The truth of the matter is that Patrick was a missionary pioneer. The story goes that Patrick was captured by Irish pirates at the age of 16 and spent 6 years in captivity. Eventually, after adapting to the culture and learning the local dialects, he was able to escape his captors and return to Britain. Over the course of time, the Lord put a burden on his heart to return to the origin of his slavery and evangelize the pagans he had once lived among. By the end of his life Patrick began 300 churches and baptized 100,000 Irish men and women.

It is the prayer of Uttermost Sports to have a similar impact on the restricted access countries of the world. We want to move slowly and methodically - being incarnational witnesses rather than tourists. It is our prayer that this approach while slow in the short term, will reap spiritual benefits in the long term. And, like St. Patrick be able to see hundreds of churches planted and thousands of people saved.

Bubby Bryan, DOC
Uttermost Sports