For two weeks every four years the world sees the basic operating principle of Uttermost Sports in action - the power of sport to unite. Nations collectively exhale, relaxing just long enough to celebrate athleticism over policy, skill over debate, talent over division. In a very real sense the Olympics act as a type of international ceasefire.

In a complicated and messy world that is usually divided into the haves and have-nots, there is something beautiful and universally attractive about the simplicity of sport. The pool is 50 meters long, the hurdles are 42 inches tall, the beam is 4 inches wide. Money, ethnicity, geography are not incentives or deterrents in this world.

The displaced refugee and the professional phenom are equalized - each bound by the parameters of competition. War torn countries, impoverished delegations and wealthy superpowers all converge - each sharing the same goal, each bound by the same rules. That is the power of sport.

What if that power were leveraged? What if that power opened doors to countries who normally keep outsiders at arm's length? How could that be used to advance the kingdom of heaven?

It seems clear that war ravaged Syria, financially unstable Puerto Rico and mega power United States all found ways to assemble, train and send teams to Rio - sports matter and because they matter that provides a platform and an opportunity for long term, meaningful, missional engagement.

This week as you watch the Olympics, pray that God would continue to use our 50+ sports professionals scattered around the globe to spread the gospel through this unique and powerful medium.

Bubby Bryan, DOC

Uttermost Sports