In this edition of the Uttermost Newsletter I would like to compare two social media posts that I came across this week. One you might have seen - I say that because over 114 million people already have! A Dallas woman posted a 4-minute video of her laughing hysterically alone in her car over a Chewbacca mask that automatically growls.  It's hilarious! She can't stop herself. The whole thing is so silly yet authentic that it is genuinely heartwarming.

What began as a funny post on Facebook for a small group of friends became a bonafide internet sensation. Within a few hours the video was shared and re-shared over and over again, gaining momentum every step of the way. Soon, not only was the content of the video newsworthy but it's viral reputation was too. It became the most viewed video in the history of Facebook Live. The Chewbacca mask sold out online. The woman was a guest on Good Morning America the next day!

The second post I saw was a tweet from the editor of a Christian publication which simply read:

"1970s - There is not a single Christian left in China (report from visiting US delegation).
2016 - 60,000,000+ Christians in China."

Something happened in China that can only be explained in viral internet video terms. The Gospel was shared. And then re-shared and then re-shared some more. And it was shared in a way that was authentic and appropriate. It wasn't "click bait," it wasn't forced. It was legitimately shared because it was legitimately good. And it started with incarnational missionaries. 

This week, Uttermost leadership, our global representatives and new partners are descending on Italy for a week of fellowship, refreshment and strategic planning - the goal of which is to make the Gospel go viral in restricted access contexts.

We have seen it happen. We are asking God to make it happen again. Take a moment this week and pray for our staff as well as our reps in the field.

Bubby Bryan, DOC
Uttermost Sports