Hope, foreign and domestic...

God is great, glorious, gracious and good. Annoying alliteration aside, that statement is theologically mind-blowing. God is powerful and sovereign while simultaneously being gentle and patient. He is not a harsh dictator who is only interested in the production of slaves nor is He only warm and fuzzy with no power to enforce justice or stop evil. He is both. He is a warrior, but he’s a warrior that stoops down to wash your feet. This is a uniquely Christian idea, resulting in unique peace and hope.

Peace, because we understand that He is sovereign, which according to Scripture, is God’s absolute and total control over all things – not some things or even most things – all things. From the macro-creation of solar systems to the micro-care of sparrow flight plans, God is intimately, lovingly, solely in control. And when your work routinely takes you to countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and China it is helpful to have a truth like this. The task is too difficult and the odds are too long to attempt this work otherwise. Missionary work in restricted-access countries necessitates a robust understanding of God’s sovereignty. We work hard but sleep well.

And hope - because what we see at home and abroad, is anything but hopeful; the largest refugee crisis since World War II, the entrenchment of Islamic terror groups, the steady decline of orthodox Christianity across the West and a polarized United States that will elect a historically unpopular candidate in November. Hope because our faith is not based on what we see. Hope that the same God we trust to ultimately redeem the chaos of the Middle East will also watch over the American electorate.

As Uttermost continues its work overseas and political uncertainty unfolds at home, we can rest knowing that He is both powerful and gentle. He has never been limited by parties or nominees. He is certianly not surprised by court vacancies or panicked over nuclear codes. He is utterly, completely, fully in control of every aspect of this world both foreign and domestic. The same God that freed Israel despite Pharaoh also spoke tenderly to the prostitute. The same God that advanced Christianity despite Nero also embraced the tax collector.

We are in good hands.
Bubby Bryan, DOC
Uttermost Sports