1.5 - 0

Our office received an email last week about a Turkish football team that is currently sitting at 1.5 – 0. That’s right. One and a half wins and zero losses. Due to poor lighting, the team was only able to squeeze in a half of their second game before darkness forced the teams off the (soccer) field. The team will try to complete the second half at a later, better-lit date.

A 1.5 in the ‘win column’ is probably the single greatest metaphor for American football in Turkey. On one hand, American football or “contact football” (believe it or not, Uncle Sam is not always the most popular guy in every part of the world) is a growing, niche sport in Turkey. College and club teams are popping up all over the country and becoming more and more organized each season. The fact that records are kept at all speaks to the development of this sport. On the other hand, games that are being played on a poorly lit field that was designed for something else entirely speaks to how far is still left to go.

This is the reality of sport development. The strides we’ve made serve to underscore the steps that lie ahead of us. For every success, there are setbacks. For every win, there are losses.
Sometimes the wins come like a flood – seemingly overnight we see change and momentum. Other times there are seasons when nothing works, games are cut short, equipment isn’t right, cultural barriers are too great. We’re scratching in the dirt, hoping for a harvest.

Thankfully, the Psalms paint a picture of the Lord’s faithfulness during seasons of obvious blessing as well as desperate need. “Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy!”

Undefeated, defeated or 1.5 and 0. He is faithful.

Bubby Bryan                                                                                  

Uttermost Sports