"At one point in your life you either have the thing you want or the reasons why you don't"

-Andy Roddick

Recently, one of our short term volunteers was asked by one of our frontline representatives to bring a can of pumpkin with her when she went overseas for a project.  Why a can of pumpkin?  Because canned pumpkin is not available in that rep's country and so in order to get it, the rep had to rely on someone who did have access to it to bring it to her.  I'm sure few of us have ever been as excited about canned pumpkin as that frontline rep was when it arrived!  

Now imagine if we were to receive a request from a rep asking for basic physical needs like food, water, medicine, etc. because such needs were unavailable in their country.  How much more urgently would we respond?  How much more grateful would the rep be for our assistance?  How disappointed would the rep be if we decided to ignore the need and continue sending provisions to places that had stockpiles of supplies?

Now imagine a request coming in from 350 million people (more than the population of the US) for someone to bring them the Gospel because they have NO ACCESS to it.  This number represents those living among ethic groups who are considered unreached AND unengaged - meaning they have NEVER had any exposure to the Good News.  Uttermost Sports is responding to this need!  Although there is need everywhere in the World, Uttermost is committed to accessing, engaging, and reaching those who have NEVER had the Good News available to them.  

We have been given the command to go unto ALL NATIONS, yet there are millions who still have NO ACCESS to the Gospel.  They are relying on someone to bring it to them.  How can you help?  Consider how your resources are distributed and ask yourself, "Am I sending spiritual supplies to places that have been receiving aid for centuries and have begun stockpiling it?"  If so, please prayerfully consider the strategic advantages of investing more of those resources where there is NONE...and NEVER has been.