I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.  - William Shakespeare

On behalf of the entire Uttermost Sports team and the thousands of men, women, and children living in closed countries who have heard the TRUTH because of your support of this ministry, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  

It is often difficult for us to effectively communicate how grateful we, and those to whom we minister, are for your faithful financial and prayerful support.  Your gifts have been such a blessing to so many that you will likely not know the full extent of your Kingdom impact until you stand before the Throne.

As one who is called to serve on staff with this ministry, I am humbled by the fact that, by way of your generous support, YOU enable me to pursue my calling.  It is because of your obedience and generosity that I am able to fulfill the calling He has placed on my life; for that I am sincerely thankful.  

Although you may not hear a verbal "thank you" from our frontline workers and those whom they serve, consider the following returns on your investments:

Little girls getting to play basketball in a Muslim country, many for the first time

Muslim women and girls getting to play softball for the first time

Sports leaders in the Middle East coming to faith

Thousands of children living in tent cities enjoying sports camps and receiving much-needed food and medicine

Countless elite athletes hearing the Truth for the first time

The Gospel being shared in 67 closed and restricted countries over the past 18 years

And much, much more!

May your gifts continue to bless the Nations and may you be blessed for your generosity!