"Upon the fields of friendly strife

Are sown the seeds, 

That upon other fields, on other days, 

Will bear the fruits of victory."

-General Douglas MacArthur (while superintendent at West Point)

With the 2010 Winter Olympics coming to an end, it is fitting to reflect on the value of friendly competition in bringing understanding and peace to people groups that are steeped in a history of hatred and violence.  One of the goals of the Olympic Games is to unite nations under the common bond of "friendly strife" with the hope that the seeds of peace which are sown will later become "fruits of victory".  It is with a similar hope that we invest in the lives of the "unreachable" people of the world through sports.  The Gospel is the "seed" that our reps sow - on the field of competition, in practice sessions, in training seminars, in community development projects, throughout their daily lives - all with the hope that spiritual transformation will be their "fruit of victory".

Please consider how you can support our ministry and share in the harvest that the Father has provided through sports.