"Ignorance is not bliss, it's oblivion" - Philip Wylie 

It is estimated that between 10-20 billion dollars sit, unclaimed, in state trust accounts nationwide.  Apparently some people have millions owed to them, waiting to be claimed.  How can this be? Surely they would jump at the chance to claim their treasure if someone would just tell them it's theirs for the taking, right? Imagine the misfortune of living the rest of your life without ever knowing about a pile of money that could have been at your disposal had you only known about it.  Wouldn't you want someone to tell you such good news before it was too late?

What about an eternal treasure?  Nearly 2/3 of the world's population has never heard THE Good News.  How can this be? For many, it's because the enemy as built obstacles around them which are difficult to overcome and enslaved them to powerful spiritual forces which veil their eyes and fog their minds.  The Father, though, is not bothered by the schemes of the enemy!  He HAS provided access to these places, empowered His people, and shown Himself sovereign, even in the darkest places.  Sport, among other things, is being used by the Father to penetrate enemy lines and bring worshipers to Himself from North Africa, Middle East, and Asia!

Let us not be apathetic toward the desperate need of the 4.5 billion people living in heavy, dark, spiritual oppression.  There is a dying world that needs to know about the treasure that is theirs for the claiming!  All of us are called to share this Good News 'as we go'. Moreover, as the Church, we are also called to proclaim this Good News to the uttermost parts of the Earth...even where it's hard. What part are you to play?